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Fact into Fiction – Why Context Matters with Animal Images

Context is very important and not just with regard to animal images.

Speaking of Research

A curious thing happened recently. The following picture of “animal testing” surfaced on Twitter and was retweeted over five thousand times (and counting) over the course of one week.

It runs with a message “Retweet if you say NO to animal testing. #Animalrights”. The message has been recurring on Twitter for some time, though its latest iteration has seen it tweeted thousands of times in just a few days. Many tweeters added their own messages of disgust.

Unfortunately, for the thousands of people who retweeted it, this isn’t an example of “animal testing” at all. The picture is originally appeared in an article by the Gainesville Sun – “Seized cats being readied for adopt-a-thon” with the caption “University of Florida vet school students and veterinarians work to spay and neuter cats as part of Operation Cat Nip on Wednesday.”

cat animal testing image

The story details how Alachua County Animal Services, along…

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5 thoughts on “Fact into Fiction – Why Context Matters with Animal Images

  1. Just dropped in to thank you for following me and have been perusing your blog too! That’s the beauty of this system – – you can follow the breadcrumbs back to amazing stuff! (I know, too much Hansel and Gretel as a child!) Boy this image sure caught my eye. I read the whole article and it reminds me of the analogy i heard where someone comes from another planet to spy on humans and report back. He peers into a room and sees a man pounding on another man’s chest lying on a table. Then he sees him intensely slicing him open with a knife, blood everywhere. People are watching closely as if this is a spectator sport and some even hand the man other weapons to cut the man even further. He radios back to his planet to describe the atrocities he’s just witnessed and to report that human beings are disgustingly violent and heinous. What had the alien just viewed? A man in an emergency room being treated for heart failure.

    So thank you very much for following me. How did you find me if you don’t mind my asking? I look forward to further exploration!

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