Choose Joy….Always

I love what God is doing in Nikki’s life. I love that Nikki “chose joy” and Joy chose Nikki & her family. Donate what ya can. Pray over these families.

Living Little Lives of Big Redemption

I really shouldn’t post those teasers like I do!! Not only because you guys start bringing out the heavy artillery to heave my way but because I get myself 10 shades of flustered trying to finally blog about it!! All I keep thinking is OUR GOD IS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD…and a bit of an antagonists if I do say so myself!!


As you all know by now I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Choose Joy conference in Laguna Hills, California last weekend. I have already blogged about the breakthroughs that took place in my personal journey and the surrendering that took place with my Father in Heaven. It was a BIG weekend!! I came home and announced my stubbornness and my willingness to be obedient. Months ago I promised Him I would go where he called me to go and I had failed at keeping that promise. But Wednesday, as I…

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