8 Common Nighttime Beauty Habits You Need To Break

A must read. Break these bad beauty habits immediately.

Beauty High

bad habits at night

We’ve all got a few habits we need to break. Waiting until we’re out of socks to do laundry and going for that cupcake after dinner are harmless enough, but there are certain bad habits that really effect us in a negative way, and coincidentally enough, a lot of these habits go on at night.

Stopping these habits is possible, and if you grab a friend and make it a team effort, your bad beauty habits can be a thing of the past. Below we’ve pulled together eight nighttime habits that aren’t doing you any favors. Learn to identify the issues now so you can stop them and go on living a more beautiful life!

MORE: How Sleep Deprivation Messes With Your Skin

Not Removing Makeup: This is the number one rule we beg you never to break. Throughout the day all kinds of gunk and grime builds up…

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